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All Those Things My Teacher
Never Told Me!
by Bill Owen
List Price: $15.00
ISBN 978-1-878282-51-4
Category: Hobbies and Collecting
Pub Date: 2008
136 pages
Binding: Paper
To Place an Order Please Call or Email: 201-387-1529 or

He’s Back!!!! The Master of Trivia returns with his newest collection of fascinating data, this time covering items your teacher never told you – or thought you didn’t need to know. We all know those important names and dates but what about the many little known items that really interest us. See if you remember.  

Bill is also the author of The Over 60 Trivia Book, Runners-up, Bridesmaids, and Second Bananas,
and Dropping Names.

And forthcoming in 2014: Do You Remember...?


 Bill Owen is one of the most talented and respected figures in American broadcasting. It’s an honor whenever he joins me on my show. What I love about Bill is his eagerness to share so many wonderful memories with the audience. In this newest book, people of any age will get a big kick out of learning more than they could have ever imagined. This is a book you’ll want to keep handy whenever company comes over.

- Jordan Rich, popular Radio Host, WBZ Boston